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What is the cause for irregular periods?

Q: I attained puberty one and a half year ago. After that I did not get my periods for next 6 months. Then onwards I had my periods regularly every two months till 8 months ago. Then onwards till this date I did not have my periods. Otherwise I do not have any other problem and keeping good health. I would like to know the causes for above and treatment I should undergo to have my regular periods.

A:It is not unusual to have irregular periods in the beginning of your menses. Sometimes this irregularity can last for a couple of years. That said, - Have you lost a lot of weight lately, or are you trying stay on a very low calorie diet? A diet very low in calories and devoid of fat will make your periods irregular. - The other thing that can affect your periods is intense athletic training without adequate nutrition. Make sure that you are eating healthy balanced meals. - Obesity can also contribute to irregular periods. I am not sure of how much you weigh and how tall you are, so can only give you generic advice.


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