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What is the cause for double vision in diabetics?

Q: My mother, aged 69 years, is a mild diabetic patient and has recently developed a double vision problem. On consultation with an eye specialist, it was found out to be palsy of right eye and was referred to a neurophysician. The neurologist on examination, concluded it to be related to her diabetes and has prescribed her the following medicines and has also asked her to take a CT scan. On reading your Q&A section we came across patching. Is it required for my mother? The medicines prescribed to my mother are wysolone, methycobal, kinetoneax and pantodac. We are worried. Please advise.

A:Your mother most likely has sixth nerve palsy due to diabetes (Ischaemic mononeuropathy). It resolves in 6 to 8 weeks with good control of diabetes. You may continue the vitamins. But I would not like her to take the Wysolone, which is a steroid and will make her diabetes control worse! CT scan is not generally required if one is sure that the cause is diabetes, and it is only required to rule out any intracranial tumour for which there should be usually some other signs also like papilloedema. If the latter is not there, I would not subject her to a CT. Patching is indicated if diplopia is troublesome and can be used for outdoor activities for ones safety, especially while driving or walking on streets etc.


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