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What is the cause for blood clot in the eye?

Q: A blood clot has formed in my right eye, which is moving, but has not gone up to the retina. I did not receive an injury in the eye. The clot formed on its own, but I do not have any pain. I got my blood pressure checked, and it is normal. Blood sugar is also normal. The doctor could not explain the cause. Will it affect my eyesight in the long run?

A:It seems that you had subconjuntival haemorrhage which can be caused by trivial injury or staining during coughing, sneezing or straining at stool. It does not require any treatment and will not affect your eyes or vision adversely and will disappear in 2-3 weeks time. However if it recurs get your blood tests done to rule out any blood or clotting disorders.


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