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What is the cause for a sensation of imbalance?

Q: Six years back while sleeping when I turned to my left side, the room appeared to suddenly spin for a minute or so. It also resulted in pain on the right side of neck and right arm now and then. I took no medication for this though doing Yoga helped me recover from this problem. In June 2003 I had a similar episode of the room spinning but this time on my right side. I got CT scan of cervical spine and everything was alright. I was put on Stugeron. I was ok but the problem came back in September again and this time I fell down. I was again put on the same medication and my ears were checked but there was no problem. I feel very weak and pulled down. I am better now but now and then feel that I am losing my balance. I do not know whether that actually happens but psychologically I feel it is there. Can you help me over come this problem?

A:The prescription of Stugeron suggests that your doctor felt that the cause of your imbalance, the sensation that the room was spinning lay in the malfunction of the balancing mechanism in your ear. The pain in the neck and arm do not favour this possibility. I suggest you consult a senior neurologist or neurosurgeon in your neighbourhood and seek advice on whether there could be some abnormality in the neck or back of the head that may be responsible for your symptoms.


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