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What is the cause and treatment for irregular periods?

Q: I am a 26 years old female, 157 cm tall and weigh 69 kg. I have been taking medicines for irregular periods for the past 6 months. I forgot to take Letoval in the month of October as prescribed by my gynaecologist and have missed my periods in November. I used to weigh 74 kg earlier and have managed to lose 5 kg and am still working on losing more weight. Please tell me how do I make sure that I get regular periods.

A:If you are overweight and have irregular menses, you need to establish the cause for it by an ultrasound test as well as other hormones levels like FSH/LH ratio and testosterone levels. These can be altered in a condition like Polycystic disease, which is one of the most common cause of increased weight and irregular menses. If the test reports are normal, then thyroid needs to be checked out and treatment given accordingly. Simple obesity also makes the periods irregular. Loosing weight is certainly helpful. Requirement of medication depends upon the cause established.


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