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What is the best way to live for a diabetic?

Q: I am a diabetic person and taking insulin for the past one year. Will morning walk help in reducing my sugar in levels? My food habits are good as per the doctor advice. Once in a while I drink 2 large brandies. What is the best way to live for a diabetic? How can I protect my kidneys from the effect of diabetes?

A:1. Walking any time of the day will help your sugar control. Any type of exercise will help. Usual advice is to walk for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. If you have any heart disease, then consult your doctor. 2. We usually do not recommend alcohol but drinking upto 21 units (not more than 3-4 units/day) of alcohol is fine (as long as there is no history of liver disease and your liver tests are fine). Two brandies is equivalent to 4 units. 3. If I understood the question correctly, you would like knowing how to protect your kidney from the effects of diabetes? The most important way of preventing diabetic kidney diseases are: a. good blood pressure and b. sugar control, c. get you urine test (micro albumin test), which will pick kidney disease, if any. 4. The best way of living your life: healthy diet - almost 5 portions fruits or vegetable (for e.g. one apple is one portion) low in fat and fried foods, regular exercises and avoid being overweight is the best way to feel good and avoid complications related to diabetes.


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