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What is the best treatment for Sleep Apnoea?

Q: I am perturbed on account of my mothers health who is suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome(OSAS). Sleep study was done for 6 hours in the sleep lab at GMC, Jammu. Her airway passage has reduced due to several factors - subclinical hypothyroidism (imbalance of TSH), obesity, hypertension and type-II diabetes mellitus type. The doctors have suggested CPAP machine (a machine which provides continuous pressure on airway pathway so that proper oxygen reaches brain). The cost of the machine is around Rs. 65000/-. I want to be sure if I need to buy the machine or is it hypothyroidism that is causing the problem.

A:Subclinical hypothyroidism i.e. raised TSH with normal T3 and T4 is a very mild problem and cannot be the major factor in sleep Apnoea. I believe she definitely requires a CPAP machine, as it is the best treatment. You could do TSH again. If she is on thyroid tablets the TSH will be normal and if Sleep Apnoea continues then obviously thyroid is less important.


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