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What is the best option to treat Hallux valgus ?

Q: I am an IT professional. Recently one of my friends observed that the big toe of both my feet were tilted. Though he is not a qualified doctor but reads a lot on medical science & told me that it is called hallux valgus. He said it is abnormal as later on I will have severe problem in walking when I grow old. I am 35 years old. However, I also noticed that my 70 year old father also has this deformity but never had any problem while walking or any other activity due to this deformity. As on date I have never faced any problem while walking, jogging, playing due to this deformity. I am a fitness freak. Please suggest how do I arrest this deformity? On the right foot, the big toe is towards north-east direction and in the left foot the big toe is towards north-west direction.

A:Hallux valgus is a common foot condition, known as bunion more commonly; it does run in families. You don't have to be extremely worried about it. It is not something which is going to cripple you but it may cause trouble in the future like callus formation, pain, deformity. What you can do at present is to avoid wearing tight fitting shoes, wear shoes with open or wide toe boxes. If you have flat feet, use medial arch supports to avoid pronation of your feet. These inserts are available over the counter, there are also spacers available, which you can use between the great toe and the second toe. If the deformity worsens, or you are symptomatic, then see a foot specialist. The other option is get surgical correction. I don't think you need it right now.


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