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What is the alternative for Zyloric?

Q: I am a 47 years old man suffering from gout pain and my uric acid is 6.8 at present. I am taking Diclonac SR and Aciloc 150; but these drugs give me relief for short duration. Zyloric does not suite me as it burns my skin. Also, please note that I am sensitive to Tetracycline and Sulpha. Please provide me an alternate medicine for the same. What is the correct treatment for my problem?

A:Diclonac SR is merely a pain-killer and can cause hyperacidity and stomach problems. Therefore, you may have to take Aciloc (ranitidine) to reduce acidity. Pain-killer will only give temporary relief since it does not have any effect on the uric acid. Zyloric (allopurinol) reduces uric acid levels. One of the side effects of Zyloric is skin reactions and hence you can not take this medicine. You could try probenecid (sold under the trade name of Bencid) - half tablet 2 times daily for one week, then 1 tablet twice daily. It increases the excretion of uric acid from the blood and thus helps reduce uric acid levels.


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