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What is primary complex?

Q: This is about our baby who is 13 months old. She was away in Coimbatore for about 3 weeks. When she came back to Chennai she had a very bad cold and cough. Upon checking with our doctor it was confirmed that she had severe chest congestion and due to that she was given medication. But even after this there was no let up and she continued having cough with phlegm coming out when she coughed and vomitted. Our doctor recommended doing a chest x-ray and Mantoux test. When this was done blood test revealed the following: Haemoglobin: 10 g%, Total leucocyte count: 12,400 cells, Polymorphs 42%, Lymphocytes 50%, Eosinophils 8%; Mantoux test +ve. I am unable to describe the x-ray because we did not get a report, but looking at the x-ray one side of the chest looked hazy and the other side quite clear. The doctor confirmed that she had primary complex. Now after medication she is quite better but continues to cough occasionally. My question is will she be cured or will it lead to TB since the doctor has given medication for 1 year?

A:Primary complex is an infection due to the Tuberculosis bacteria. When the full treatment course is completed, she should be completely cured. However, it is possible that at a later stage, the Primary Complex may get re-activated, if he general level of Health or Immunity were to decline in your daughter, for some reason.


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