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What is para-umblical hernia?

Q: I want to know about para-umblical hernia? Please tell me about its surgery. I had my second delivery six months ago and it was a normal one. I had hernia during my pregnancy. I came to know of it after the delivery. Right now there is no pain.

A:A para-umbilical hernia is an acquired condition that occurs next to the belly-button. It occurs more commonly above the belly-button when the abdominal wall is stretched because of obesity, pregnancy and other uncommon conditions. The patients are usually over 35 years old and women are affected 5 times as much as men. There is a defect in the midline which tends to be small and therefore these hernias are more likely to be painful and carry a risk of obstruction and strangulation. Surgical repair of para umbilical hernia is the treatment of choice. It can be done as a day care procedure. A small incision is made just below the protrusion, the contents of the hernia are returned to the abdomen, and the abdominal wall defect is sutured and closed. Sometimes surgeons may use a mesh to strengthen the defect. Return to work can be expected within 4-5 days, but heavy weight lifting should be avoided for the next three weeks.


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