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What is mucosal prolapse?

Q: I have constipation on and off. I was operated for haemorrhoids 7 years back. After the operation I started to get pain each time I passed motion. I have slightly hard bowel movement. Once there was a very forceful and hard bowel and I had a problem of fissure in ano three years ago. I had to undergo anal dilatation. The fissure problem is resolved but the problem of having pain during slight hard bowel still remains. Another problem is that something is coming out of the anus while straining during bowel movement. Surgeon says that it is due to one extero-internal pile which he removed during surgery. But that problem still persists. I went to another surgeon who said that I have tendency towards piles and there is 1.5 cm mucosal prolapse. What is mucosal prolapse? What is meant by 1.5 cm, is it something to worry about? Will the prolapse deteriorate with time or it can be resolved? How can I prevent recurrence of piles?

A:When the rectal mucosa protrudes through the anus it is referred to as mucosal prolapse. One and half centimetre prolapse refers to the length of the mucosa prolapsing or protruding through the anal canal. Since you have had hemorrhoids in the past it is possible that what is prolapsing is an haemorrhoid. I suggest that you consult a general surgeon who will make a proper diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment.


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