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What is lazy eye (amblyopia)?

Q: I am a 25 years male. I recently found that I couldn't read any letters with my right eye, as the vision is not clear. I checked with the eye-specialist and he asked me to wear specs with nil power on left eye and +2.00 in right eye. After wearing spectacles also I don't find any difference in my right eye as there is still no proper vision. Which power should I use for my right eye. Any exercise that I can do? Regards Vijay

A:The power that you have in your right eye is +2.00 while the left eye has no power. This suggests that you have a condition known as Amblyopia or lazy eye in your right eye.This could have been corrected before theage of 8 yrs but not now. The glasses now would help you in preventing headaches and improve your vision partly.


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