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What is keratoconus?

Q: I am patient of KERATOCONUS. What are the precautions I need to take and is it necessary to wear contact lens? Is there any research recently developed for curing it? I am about to be married, will this affect my maritial life? I am very nervous.

A:Keratoconus is a condition that affects the cornea (transparent front part) of the eye. The cornea becomes thin and bulges out. This causes the surface to become irregular and the vision becomes blurred. Initially it may be possible to correct the vision with glasses but later on, as the irregularity and astigmatism increase, a contact lens is needed (soft contact lens or more likely rigid gas permeable lens will work). If you become contact lens intolerant (meaning cannot wear the contact lens), then corneal transplant surgery is the only other way to help you. There are no specific precautions you should take apart from not rubbing the eye (as it may cause the condition to progress) and eye protection form direct injury. There is no research at present to cure it. Some surgeries are being evaluated such as intracorneal rings (INTACS) to stabilize the thin cornea but the results are not very good. Do not get nervous about keratoconus. The important thing is the vision. If you can see fine with glasses or contact lenses, then don't worry. Keratoconus will not affect your married life. Your children will have a higher chance of having keratoconus - that's all. Congratulations on getting married - You should be more nervous about marital life than keratoconus.


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