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What is hypoplastic uterus and how it can be treated?

Q: I am a 37 years old woman. I got married nine years back, but still have no child. I never had my periods. I consulted a gynaecologist, who told me that I have no womb. My appearance is just like any other woman. Recently, I went to another doctor, who performed an ultrasound scan and diagnosed that I have a womb and ovaries but not fully developed. The doctor called it hypoplastic uterus. What is hypoplastic uterus? How it can be treated?

A:If the womb is small it is called a hypoplastic womb. You are already 37 years old and now in an age group where having a baby means tremendous work - 1. (First investigations to see if there is a chromosomal defect, study for possibility of egg formation, once underlying condition is diagnosed, then chances of treatment with assisted reproductive methods like IVF, after long (1 – 2 – 3 years) of hormone replacement to start periods, egg forming drugs to have normal cycles, then assisted conception. There is no guarantee, that all these will ultimately see a successful baby - although, few scattered reports of success are given in literature. The whole process, is time consuming, many trips to hospital, with stress, cost, and risks of failures. Once conception does occur - testing for a normal baby too is required and risk of abortion occurring very high (over 50%). 2. The other surer, certain, cheaper and possibly quicker option is adopting a baby. The choice will rest with you and your spouse - as to what suits you better.


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