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What is hyper reactive airway disease?

Q: We live in Bangalore. The weather here is such that children below 4 years become prone to wheezing, my son is 2.4 years old, he is on Seroflo 50 - 2 puffs twice a day from October - February. Now I have to stop giving him the inhaler but I am getting worried that he might get wheezing again. I have just started Septilin 5ml twice a day. Is it alright? Another common problem that he faces, almost round the year, is of cold which at times is fine (no running nose) but when he sleeps at night suddenly his nose is stuffy with phlegm and he starts crying aloud hence unable to sleep peacefully. I have consulted a few good doctors but in vain.

A:Your baby suffers from hyper-reactive airway disease which is commonly referred to as respiratory allergy. These babies are more prone to wheezing, spasmodic cough and recurrent or persistent nasal stuffiness. Your treatment is right. Seroflo which is used as a preventer and may be used for few weeks to few months. Try tapering it off and see if the symptoms return, if so you may have to give preventer for longer period. Regarding Septilin I am not sure if it makes any difference. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that it definitely helps. It may not do any harm. If you wish you may try and see for yourself if it makes any difference. Regarding your babies nasal problems which seems to be aggravated at night while sleeping and it seems that he does not have a very peaceful night. I would suggest that you see an ENT specialist who should be able to check for adenoid enlargement and whether this is responsible for the symptoms.


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