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What is cylindrical eye power?

Q: My son who is 6 years old has weak eyesight with a cylindrical number of left eye +3.25 and right eye +2.25. Is it curable naturally or with some therapy? Is it a sign of some weakness in my child? What is cylindrical and positive?

A:Cylindrical powers are generated generally by the shape of the cornea (transparent front layer of the eye). These powers tend to be stable and non-progressive in most people. The condition is curable by using glasses to see better. No drops or surgery can be done at this age. However when the child turns 18, he can consider lasik surgery to correct the refractive error. Cylindrical powers are those ones that are present only in a particular axis. The powers are noted by convention to be positive or negative. The axis at which the cylindrical power is required is specifically noted.


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