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What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Q: I wanted to know about my eyes which are most of the time red or brownish and are never clear white in colour. My eye sight is good and have had no problems. I as such dont use any coolers. I do not have any pain or irritation of any sort, and also I keep cooling my eyes as much as possible. I usually have a proper 8 hrs sleep. Habits as such - I don't watch much television, but as a software engineer, I do spend a lot of time in front of the monitor. All I would like to know, is there any medication that could be taken or is it because of lack of sufficient required nutrition.

A:Most often Indian eyes are not as white as in the West, especially in the more pigmented (darker) individuals. Brownish pigmentation can also be the result of chronic allergies, infections, exposure to sunlight, etc or as an inherent condition. Redness may be a result of Computer Vision Syndrome. The patient is best advised to take short breaks from monitor viewing, blink frequently & use lubricant eye drops. Consult the ophthalmologist to rule out dry eye .


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