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What is chronic erosive gastritis?

Q: I am suffering from chronic erosive gastritis for the last 3 years and taking treatment for the last 2 months. I am using Proton pump inhibitors (PPIS) daily but now I get tired soon and there is numbness in my hands and feet. It seems like pernicious anaemia. What tests do I have to get done for diagnosis? Do vitamin B12 supplements help?

A:Chronic (erosive) gastritis is of two types: Type A and Type B. Type A is thought to be due to autoimmune disorder and is characterized by pernicious anaemia and B-12 deficiency along with neurological dysfunction. It can also be complicated by Helicobacter pylori infection. Type B is mainly due to H. pylori infection. It is far more common that Type A and is easily treatable. I think a firm diagnosis should be made before treating your problem. Consuming Proton Pump Inhibitors may help relieve symptoms temporarily but would not have much curative value. At your age, the aim is to cure you. I suggest you consult a good gastroenterologist, preferably in a medical college, who would undertake the required test. It would be prudent to take the problem seriously.


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