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What is central choroiditis of the eye?

Q: My mother(53 years old) has been diagnosed with central choroiditis in her right eye (cause unknown). I have been told by doctors that this condition is untreatable. Is it true? Additionally, she has been diagnosed with diabetes in the last six months and has been suffering from high blood pressure for the last 8 years and on medication for both. Would any of the above conditions and treatment/medications affect her other eye? Is there any treatment available for this eye condition? What additional related risks are there from this eye condition?

A:Central choroiditis is an inflammation of the middle coat of the eye caused by the body's immune system reacting against the tissues in the eye, sometimes triggered by an infection. Diabetes and hypertension have no role to play in choroiditis. Choroiditis is usually treated with steroid tablets, when there is no underlying infection and these steroids can aggravate the blood sugar or blood pressure problem. However, there are other immunosuppressant drugs available to treat the choroiditis. Her medicines for blood pressure and diabetes also do not affect the eye condition. She needs a thorough evaluation of her systemic status to look for diseases causing choroiditis like tuberculosis and some autoimmune conditions.


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