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What is cause of not getting periods inspite of being sterilised?

Q: I have not had my periods from the past 2 months. I can't be pregnant because I have been sterilised and have taken a test to prove it. I get abdominal pain at times that feels like a stitch. I also have back pain that I get at the start of my period. I have little discharge too, which is creamy white in colour but not offensive. Could it be thrush and would that stop my periods?

A:Any discharge can be thrush but it needs proper evaluation and treatment as it can be very persistent. By and large a discharge which does produce burning or itching should not be treated as it is only physiological (normal). Periods cannot be stopped by thrush but delayed (or periods that are about to come) can cause a physiological discharge. If you are about 31/32 years old there is nothing I can think of that could have stopped your periods if the pregnancy test is negative. You just need to first find the physiological causes. Almost all kinds of stress can cause a delayed period like travel, bereavement. Marriage and change of station, weather, lifestyle changes can cause a delayed period. Only if you do not get periods for another month or so you need tests to find medical causes of absence of periods. Keep checking the urine for pregnancy every 15 days or so. Though you should not get pregnant after getting sterilised, it is not impossible for the sterilization to fail.


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