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What is accommodative esotropia?

Q: I am an Indian, presently in Kuwait. I delivered my son who is now 4 years old in Kuwait. I noticed that he squints when he concentrates. But when I checked with the paediatrician he referred my son to a refraction unit. I was shocked to know that his reading was left eye +6.00 and right eye +5.50. He had a fall when he was 1-1/2 years old and hit the back of his head (nearer to the neck) where we have seen that now there is a depression at that place on the skull. Is this the reason for such bad eyesight? None of our family members have any eye disorders. After wearing the glasses, there is no squint now. Can his vision be treated with a surgery to avoid glasses? He complains of eye pain in the middle of the night and weeps. Can I donate my eyes and have them transplanted to my son so that he can see well and I can have his eyes and wear glasses? Or can we get an eye for him so that we can replace his eyes with a better vision eye? If we can, where do we get them from? Please guide me as I am very depressed about his condition.

A:The condition that your son has is called Accommodative Esotropia. The presence of high plus power in both eyes in childhood, though less common is not very rare. This causes the child to use the eye muscles excessively, leading to inward movement of the eyes causing squint. When the correct glasses are worn, the muscles are relaxed leading to correction of squint. As the child grows, the plus power tends to reduce. There is no transplant for the entire eye. What you need to check on 3-6 monthly visits is the vision in each eye for distance and near and the binocular vision with both eyes together and the amount of squint for distance and near. If the squint is fully corrected with glasses and the vision is good, he needs regular checkups atleast every 6 months till the age of 10 years.


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