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What is a right sided hydrosalpinx?

Q: My pelvic scan suggests that I have a right sided hydrosalpinx. What does it mean and what is the treatment for it?

A:A hydrosalpinx is a dilated fallopian tube, which is filled with inflammatory secretions, usually. This is the result of an infection that results in blockage of the terminal part of the tube. Chlamydia and gonococcus are the usual organisms causing infection of the tube. Sometimes infection with tubercular bacillus can result in hydrosalpinx. Treatment depends upon the causative organism. Medical treatment is always tried first. If medicines do not help in resolving the problem, and you are symptomatic (e.g chronic pain in lower abdomen) then you may need surgery (laparoscopic or conventional). Exact treatment and management plan can be decided only after the gynaecologist has personally examined you.


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