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What foods can elevate creatinine levels?

Q: I am 54 years old and according to my blood work, my creatinine level is 1.9. It has been so for a while and is now stable. My right kidney is functioning at 80% and left is functioning at 20%. I do have bilateral urethral stents inserted because of a blockage. My question is as far as diet is concerned, what foods should I stay away from that could elevate creatinine level?

A:You should be taking 45 gms of protein per day, (0.7 gms /Kg ideal body weight), 50% of this protein should be high quality protein (milk, eggs, cheese, meat and fish), 2000 calories, moderate potassium and sodium diet 80 meq each. A dietician might help you to make menus as per your tastes and liking.


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