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What does sterile urine indicate?

Q: What is the meaning of Urine C/S Sterile? My friend had it earlier this year and took medicine for the same for 7 days. Is it serious?

A:A sterile urine culture means that the urine culture test was ordered by your doctor thinking your problem to be a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is usually quite simple to treat though the patient might have distressing symptoms like frequency, burning or pain while urinating, and fever. For diagnosis, a fresh mid-stream sample of the urine is taken and analysed for the number of bacteria and white blood cells in it. A sterile report means that the test was negative i.e. there was no growth of any bacteria after overnight incubation. This means that your friend might not have required the prescribed antibiotics. However, if the sample were collected after starting the antibiotics, then the test would have yielded false negative results. Practicing good personal hygiene can prevent urinary infections. Always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement or urination and keep the skin around the anal region clean. Drink plenty of fluids and empty the bladder as soon as the urge to urinate occurs. Foods rich in Vitamin C such as amla, citrus fruits and juices help to reduce the number of bacteria that might cause urinary tract infections.


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