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What does my semen analysis show?

Q: I am a 34 years old married man. My semen analysis showed total sperm count – 38 million / ml with active motile (55 %), sluggishly motile (5 %) and non-motile (40 %). The total active motile sperms are 42 million. A volume is 2 ml with opalescent white colour, musty odour and normal viscosity. Fructose test and agglutination test came positive. Pus cell - 25-30 cells / hpf, red cell - 7-8 cells / hpf and epithelial cell is nil. Sperm analysis was done after the treatment of three months. Earlier, my total sperm count was very low (6 million / ml). What does my semen analysis show? Can I father a child?

A:Apart from presence of significant number of pus cells and red bleed cells, probably an indicator of presence of inflammation in your prostate or seminal vesicles, rest of your seminal parameters are normal. Despite unprotected normal regular intercourse, normal semen parameters and a normal partner, a couple may take up to two years for a successful natural pregnancy. If you want a quicker outcome, you may have to resort to assisted fertilization techniques like intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilisation.


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