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What does my granddaughter fear?

Q: My 7 years old granddaughter is getting what she calls movies playing in her head. What is this? They are scary and concern the death of her little brother.

A:These are just fantasies that occupy her mind. You have to find out why she has them. One possibility is that she heard of the death of someone and wonders what will happen if her little brother dies. There are other explanations, of course. But your question is too short and without any information about the setting. It is not easy for me to infer what else is going on. What you could ensure is that the girl has adequate and proper food, age-specific activity and sleep. It would also be advisable to closely select what she sees on TV and to restrict the TV watching time. Cola drinks should be banned. These are general health tips to follow in any case. Regarding the baby brother, it might be wise not to over burden her with a sense of being responsible for him. She may be worried that she would drop the child or do something that would harm him. The best thing for you and the parents is to be sensitive to what she says to you and help her to work out her fears.


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