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What does borderline cardiomegaly indicate?

Q: I fell recently and while falling, a broom handle lodged under my left armpit. I received severe bruises and pain in my left chest area. I had a chest x-ray, which showed no broken or fractured ribs. I was told that I had borderline cardiomegaly without focal air space disease. The doctor asked me not to worry about the diagnosis. I have been trying to find what borderline cardiomegaly without focal air space disease is. I have asthma and am not sure if that is the part of the problem.

A:Many x-ray chests are reported as borderline cardiomegaly, which means that the heart shadow appears a bit larger than usual. But this is very non-specific as it is just a shadow or silhouette. You can confirm that you really do not have any heart enlargement by doing an Echocardiograph. Don't worry about without focal air space disease because you any way don't have it (without).


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