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What do my blood and urine test reports suggest?

Q: I am a 66 years old male. I am suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes for the past 10 years. I have been suffering from lower back pain and fever for the last one week and underwent blood test and urine test. The blood test showed a total WBC - 19,900, neutrophils - 85%, haemoglobin - 9.9, total RBC - 3.5 and lymphocytes - 10%. Urine test revealed colour – turbid, pus cell – plenty, epithelial cells - 2-3/hpf, bacteria – NIL and positive albumin. My doctor has prescribed Cefpodoxime 200 mg and Dolo. What do my blood and urine test reports suggest?

A:You have a urine infection, which is causing a very high white cell count. Diabetes and age maybe predisposing factors in your case. You should do the following - 1. Urine culture 2. RFT 3. Blood culture 4. Ultrasound KUB (kidney, ureters and bladder) The antibiotics maybe required to be taken as per the sensitivity reports and again the duration would depend on the severity of infection. Meanwhile continue current treatment, increase liquid intake and make sure your blood sugar is under control.


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