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What do blood cells in the urine indicate?

Q: I am a 25 years old and 2 months pregnant woman. I have undergone blood and urine tests for rubella, hepatitis and HIV. In the urine test result a few blood cells were found. There is no pus cell or sugar. My haemoglobin is 11.5. Does it affect the fetus? Or Are there any chances of complications. Please advise.

A:One to two Red Blood Cells (RBCs) could be found normally on routine urine examination, especially if there has been a recent episode of urine infection. Presence of blood in urine on repeated examinations, or a significant amount, may have a varied etiology, most common being infections or stones. It is the cause of the blood, and not the presence of RBCs in urine, which could be harmful to the fetus. You need a repeat urine examination and an ultrasound examination of the urinary tract. You must visit your obstetrician or urologist with these reports to decide on any further investigations.


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