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What diet should be followed for lactating mothers?

Q: I am breastfeeding and formula feeding my 3 and a half month old baby, I need to know should I take any calcium supplement if am drinking 4 glasses of milk daily, and also any iron supplement is needed during feeding, and if I drink orange juice will it cause any problem for baby like gas or indigestion, and more thing my hair is falling too much after my baby is born so is there any vitamin i can take for that while feeding.

A:About 250 to 500 mg of Calcium in addition to your 4 glasses of milk should be enough to meet the nursing needs. I would certainly encourage continuation of your prenatal vitamins with iron. If your diet is rich in iron, and if you are not anemic, you do not need supplemental iron. In USA, no food is forbidden during breast feeding. On the contrary we believe, that mother eating all foods exposes the child to all different foods which is a good thing. Hair loss after childbirth is not that uncommon. It is mostly due to change in your hormones. Just continue to take your prenatal vitamins, and eat a healthy balanced diet, your hair should get back to normal soon. Congratulations on your baby.


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