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What could be the cause of my miscarriage?

Q: My husband had suspected swine flu a couple of months ago but by the time he was diagnosed he had been treated with antibiotics for upper respiratory infections, he had swine flu and developed secondary infections. I am a 39 years old woman who didn’t get the flu and was pregnant for about 3 weeks when he became ill. I did seem to get mild symptoms, which did not hinder me from going to work but were flu-like. I had a miscarriage (at nearly 16 weeks when the fetus died at 13 weeks). This is my second miscarriage in 7 months. I was wondering if my husband’s swine flu and being constantly around him (though I never got it myself) could have influenced the miscarriage? What could be the cause of miscarriage?

A:The most common cause for any miscarriage (over 60%) is due to fetal abnormalities and it is nature's elimination of an abnormal fetus. There can be many other causes in the mother (chronic disease), baby, or placenta along with social causes like occupation, poverty, malnutrition, stress, all which can result in miscarriage. Tests are available for some causes that can be detected and treated. Tests like checking for infection, VDRL, TORCH, HIV, urine infection, blood groups, (Husband and wife) blood sugars, thyroid- depending on the clinical history, are done to rule out and/ or treat before next pregnancy is planned.

Once pregnant, precautions are taken to allow pregnancy to continue like better diet, low stress, enough rest, stress free work, family support and progesterone if necessary, for the early pregnancy months. An early scan ensures fetal size and heart activity.


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