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What causes underdeveloped fetus?

Q: I am a 27 years old married man. Eight months back, my wife got pregnant for the first time. The doctor told us that fetus was not growing and there was no heartbeat. So, the doctor has prescribed injection Ovidac 5000 unit and capsule Naturogest Vag for a month. But still no heartbeat was found, which resulted in abortion. After six months, she again got pregnant. The doctor told us that she was suffering from the same problem (underdeveloped fetus and no heartbeat). The doctor asked to take injection Ovidac (once in a week for three weeks), Tablet Duphastone 1 OD, Tablet Bigomet SR 1BD for 15 days. We have consulted another doctor who has also diagnosed the same problem. Earlier, she has already undergone tests - Hb, TLC and DLC, Rh Group, VDRL, RBS, Serum Toxoplasma, Serum ACL, Serum LA, Serum TSH. But every time the tests resulted normal and negative. What causes underdeveloped fetus with no heartbeat?

A:Both of you should get a chromosomal analysis done- that is karyotyping and consult a geneticist. Of course, more information is gained if the evacuated products of conception are sent for karyotyping. Also, injection HCG and/ or Duphaston need to be started at the earliest - pregnancy can be diagnosed by highly sensitive blood test for HCG just 2- 3 days before expected (missed) menses. That is usually done if one is undergoing follicular monitoring and IUI/ other form of ART. Please consult an experienced infertility specialist.


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