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What causes tinglinging/irritation of face?

Q: I have a feeling of tingling/irritation on the left part of my face and head. I consulted various neurologists and had MRI and CT Scan which are all normal. The doctors say that it could be tension head-ache. My family doctor gave a medicine to increase blood circulation. I have been taking this for about 6 months now, but the tingling/irritation comes and goes, but never goes completely. I have now stopped taking that medicine and still have the same effect. Can you please help me.

A:Your symptoms may be due to involvement of one of the brain nerves which supplies one half of face and part of the head. It is called Trigeminal nerve. The CT & MRI may be entirely normal. The possibility of psychogenic symptoms cannot be excluded on the basis of information provided. You should reconsult your neurologist and he may try medication for Trigeminal Neuralgia. In case there is no relief, a consultation with a psychiatrist may be worth while.


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