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What causes testicular pain after vasectomy?

Q: I am a 36 year old married male with two living children. At the age of 29, I underwent vasectomy. Since then I frequently get pain in my testicles. The doctor advised me to wear tight underwear which I did not follow. Last year, the pain recurred and spread to the lower abdomen (just above the testicles) and I was treated for urinary infection. If I hold my testicles with my hands, some sort of pain is there. I want to know why the pain started after sterilisation. Please clarify.

A:The pain in the testicle may not be related to the procedure of vasectomy. It may be due to development of other conditions like epidydimitis (inflammation of the epididymis next to the testis), varicocele (dilatation of the blood vessels of the testis) etc. It could also be due to formation of a granuloma consequent to the vasectomy. It requires to be examined by a surgeon before any opinion can be given.


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