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What causes severe pain in the pelvis after delivery?

Q: My wife recently delivered a baby girl. During the 8th month, she had severe pain in the pelvic region, our doctor said this is common for some women, due to the pelvic bone. Now, after delivery (its almost 2 months now), she is still experiencing pain in the pelvic region and she is not able to get up quickly from the bed when she quickly wants to pick the baby or do any other work. Can you please suggest what treatment should we go for?

A:The type of pain and trouble you have described about your wife does happen after delivery due to either strain on the lumbar spine (which can be treated with pain killing tablets and physiotherapy and the tablets will be stopped after about 10 days once the exercises have become effective). Or due to deficiency of vitamin-D and calcium (which can be easily treated by calcium and vitamin-D tablets, commonly available, for about 2 months). She however, has to be seen by a doctor to make a preliminary diagnosis, but I can assure you that there is no reason for her not to recover completely within a short period of time.


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