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What causes rise in serum insulin and how to manage it?

Q: I am an insulin resistant diabetic patient. I had a serum insulin analysis done and the readings are as follows: Serum insulin (fasting)= 9.98 Serum insulin (PP)= 260.00 (2 hours after 75 gm glucose) Blood glucose (fasting)= 97.3 Blood glucose (PP)= 144.0 I am worried about the insulin (PP) reading, can you advise me on the treatment please?

A:Type 2 diabetes, which is what you appear to have on the basis of the very sketchy information you have given, is characterised by a significant degree of insulin resistance. The diabetes and insulin resistance respond to regular exercise, primarily aerobic (walking, swimming, jogging, sports), a diet which strikes a balance between fat and carbohydrate, and avoids excess of fat/ protein/ carbohydrates, and drugs which increase the body's senstivity to insulin. This is a general statement: you need to consult a good endocrinologist/physician who will assess you in totality, and then advise you accordingly.


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