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What causes fatty liver?

Q: I am a 30 years old male weighing 74 kg. I am suffering from pain in the right upper abdomen for the last three weeks. I do not smoke or drink. I underwent liver function test, which indicates slightly high AST and ALT. Ultrasound shows a mildly enlarged liver. The doctor told me that I am suffering from fatty liver. I am taking these medicines - Razo (20 mg) daily before breakfast, Ursocol (300 mg) twice daily for a month and Penzyme syrup for one month. He has also asked me to reduce weight. I reduced 2 kg in 3 weeks but still the pain persists. Am I on the right treatment for abdominal pain?

A:Fatty liver is a common problem in young people which is being seen more frequently recently. This is a life-style related problem which is typically seen in those who have a sedentary life-style, and eat lot of junk food (such as burgers, pizzas, etc). Typically the patients are overweight, but it can be seen in thin persons also. The medical term for this disease is NAFLD - Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Coexisting problems include -

  1. Diabetes or Impaired Glucose tolerance
  2. Hypertension
  3. Obesity
  4. Hyperlipidaemia

The doctor looking after you can do your thorough evaluation and give you the necessary medication.


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