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What causes excessive watering of the eyes?

Q: Sir, my mother's (age 53 years) tear duct got choked 15 days back and tears are coming out from eyes (prominently from the left eye). Eye drops are being given but to very little relief. Please help me out.

A:Excessive watering from the eyes could be due to the following reasons: 1. Increased production (due to a foreign body or allergy) 2. Reflex tearing due to dry eye - use of tear substitution drops will help to reduce symptoms 3. Obstruction to outflow passages - either at the puncta (dilatation and syringing of the tear ducts often improves symptoms) 4. Post-infectious dacrocystitis It is unclear from the information provided in the email, the cause of the persons watering. At this age, the commonest aetiology is dry eye, and lubrication works best. It is better to seek an opinion from an eye specialist.


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