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What causes development of cataract in the eye?

Q: I am a 61 years old diabetic patient for the last 17 years. My blood sugar level is normal in fasting. But recently I had a problem in my eyes. I consulted eye specialist who told me that I am developing a cataract in my right eye. She has given me some medicines. I underwent eye check-up which revealed problem in the right eye. I am living in Saudi Arabia. What causes development of cataract in the eye?

A:There may be at least three kinds of eye problem in a diabetic patient. One is related to refraction which is due to too much fluctuation in blood glucose level and this is common at onset of disease. This can be easily treated with change in specs. Second problem is in form of cataract and the surgery for cataract may be postponed for few months. Third problem which is specific to diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. This can be easily diagnosed by fundus examination by an eye specialist. For early changes in retina there is no specific treatment but if advanced then laser treatment is needed. I would suggest you to undergo fundus examination and if no changes or early changes then you can easily postpone further treatment for some more months.


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