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What causes calf pain at night?

Q: I get pain in my right or left calf when I go to bed at night. Once I have gone to sleep, then I do not feel anything. Sometimes for days there is no problem. It does not happen if I go to sleep in day time or other hours. I am very healthy otherwise and have no medical problems and regular medical checkup is OK. I am around 45 yrs. Some one said I need more vitamin E or Zinc and some said I should not take pickles or sour things? What is the best cure and precautions for this problem? Wrapping my calf with cloth tightly does help.

A:You are probably suffering from a condition called Nocturnal Cramps. However, a detailed neurological assessment is needed to exclude other causes especially peripheral neuropathy and restless leg syndrome. You may try Vitamin E (400) daily at night for relief till you see the neurologist.


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