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What care should be taken by diabetic women?

Q: I am 27 year old and pregnant. This is my second pregnancy, my first pregnancy was terminated due to IUGR. Later, I got diabetes and for over a year I am under insulin treatment. In the 5th and 18th week bleeding has occurred because of sub chronic collection. I am taking Follies D and Susten-200 mg twice. Am I taking the correct dosage? What care should be taken by a woman having diabetes?

A:You need to get your sugars and glycosylated Hb monitored at this stage to go through pregnancy safely. If your blood pressure is normal, you can probably get your anticardiolipin anitbody, lupus anticoagulant and presence of factor V leiden mutation tested. If any one of these are positive, consult a good obstetrician or infertility specialist to start the treatment. One folic acid tablet daily is enough. I hope you are taking susten daily vaginally twice because orally it is not effective in such dosage.


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