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What can cause pain abdomen during an IVF pregnancy?

Q: My wife is 7 weeks pregnant with twins through IVF treatment. She had a scan recently and everything was normal except that the ovaries were a bit big because of egg recovery (My wife has polycystic ovaries). Last week she started having pain in the abdomen which the doctor said was an infection and prescribed some pain killer and antibiotics. The urine test report is awaited. I want to know if this is normal and would it affect the pregnancy? Can I take my wife back to India after she is 3 months pregnant? Should I inform the doctor in India about IVF? (I am afraid my parents might know about this).

A:I feel the pain in abdomen that your wife has could be because of ovarian hyperstimulation, if her urine report is normal. Further, you should preferably avoid long distance travel upto 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. When in India, your doctor, I am sure will appreciate your desire for confidentiality and would not divulge any thing to your parents that you and your wife do not want to be made public.


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