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What can cause frequent urination in an elderly woman?

Q: An elderly lady has the tendency to urinate frequently, although she does not consume much of water. In fact, at night, she has to urinate as many as 3 to 4 times in a single night at times. Her blood test shows that there is nothing wrong. Her blood sugar is normal - both fasting & post prandial. Her urine culture does not show any infection. Please advise.

A:I am not sure how old this lady is. In general, elderly women can have many reasons for frequent urination. The first one is lack of oestrogen, the female sex hormone. The second one is bladder irritability. Both of these can be treated with medicines. She could also have a cystocoele. I would suggest a complete gynaecological/urological evaluation. Her condition is treatable. In the meantime, I will suggest no fluid intake after about 7 PM. Also avoiding any caffeine, including tea may help.


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