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What can cause abnormal lab values after a kidney transplant?

Q: I got my kidney transplanted eight months ago. Recently the test which was conducted, showed an highly increased serum alkaline phosphate of 391 units/l. Even my A/G ratio is 2.7:1, Serum Creatinine is 1.2 mg/100ml and Blood Urea is 30 mg/100ml. Can you kindly advise me about the reasons for the increased levels of albumin and what should be done at this stage. About the precautions required, tests to be done and the medications required.

A:Having received a kidney transplant eight months ago, I understand your concerns regarding abnormal lab values. However, information you have provided is rather incomplete. The causes for increased alkaline phosphatase could be various and range from side-effects of medications, undiagnosed gall stones, infections, liver disorders, hyperparathyroidism, etc. Also, raised A/G ratio means little unless I know the individual levels of serum albumin, serum globulin and total proteins since each has different causes. Thus, I need to know your medications, albumin, globulin and total protein levels, calcium and phosphorus levels and most importantly how you feel (any symptoms!) and history of infections, previous levels of the lab tests etc.


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