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What are xanthomas and how can they be treated?

Q: I have a yellowish spot on my right eyelid (upper part). I think it is a fat deposit (Xanthoma). It appeared almost 5 years back. I am 25 years old. What is the cause and how can I get rid of it? Does it affect my eye in any way? Is surgery the only option?

A:Xanthalesma / Xanthomas are deposits of fat/cholesterol in the eye lid. Possible causes are raised cholesterol, hyperlipidaemia states, diabetes mellitus and obesity. They cause no harm, but can increase in size producing cosmetic blemish. The only treatment is removal by surgery with/without skin grafting (depending on the size of the lesion) or use of laser (CO2 Laser). It is best tackled by an ophthalmologist with experience in removal of the lesion.


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