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What are the treatment options for central serous retinopathy?

Q: My 24 years old brother is suffering from central serous retinopathy in his right eye for the last 8 months. His weight is 55 kg and height is 5.5 feet. We are looking for treatment as early as possible. We have shown him to some of the specialists in our city but all doctors have given their individual opinions. Some have asked him to go for laser treatment and some have suggested injection. Both these treatment options are very costly and not affordable. Please tell us how can we treat our brother in an affordable manner?

A:This is exactly the type of personality (Type A) who suffers from diseases like migraine and central serous retinopathy (CSR). Hard working ambitious and perfectionist person like your brother has to relax and take life little easy first. CSR is usually a self limiting condition and should get better on its own but can take 12 months or longer. LASER and injections in or behind the eye is not only unnecessary but can be positively harmful. No matter how much you spend no doctor in the world can give you a guarantee of success. I would not recommend any treatment but Ketorolac eye drops - one drop 3 times a day can be used for 1-2 months and see. However, I must warn you that this can recur especially when his health is run down like attacks of common cold, migraine etc. Good thing about this condition is that in the long run it should not leave a permanent defect where as LASER can leave behind a small defect in the field of vision.


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