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What are the symptoms when a blood clot in the brain dissolves?

Q: What signs and symptoms occur when a person is on treatment for dissolving the clot in the brain? When should the next CT scan be done to check if the clot has dissolved? This is a second stroke and my father complains of muscular pain and is unable to get up due to muscular weakness. He was admitted to the hospital with a BP 160/100 and pulse rate of 26. He was diagnosed with enlarged heart after the first stroke. Please advise.

A:The first set of observations relates to improvement in the patients neurological state, disappearance of handicaps (such as weakness) that followed the bleeding into the brain and return to normalcy. Improvement justifies optimism. The second set pertains to the cause of the clot. Why did the patient bleed into his brain? Is there an abnormality of some blood vessels in the brain that leaves them friable and vulnerable to rupture? If these be present, they need treatment. It is also necessary to watch for increase in the size of the clot and worsening in the patients condition - worsening headache, abnormal drowsiness, development of fresh handicaps such as weakness or loss of vision... Uncomplicated clots usually fade away within 6 weeks. If the patients neurological state be steady or improving, it is best to wait for 6 weeks before repeating the scan.


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