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What are the side effects of Zolfresh?

Q: My 51 years uncle is constantly taking Zolfresh (10 mg) for the last one year and I am very worried about him. I told him many a times to stop taking the medicine but he won’t listen to any of us. What are the side effects of Zolfresh? How to make my uncle get rid of Zolfresh?

A:Different reactions occur with different people taking Zolfresh. The most common side effects are amnesia, dizziness, euphoria, extroversion, impulsivity, rebound insomnia, headaches, motor imbalance, delusions and hallucinations. Some experience sleepwalking while on Zolfresh.

Sleep is regulated easily by taking melatonin over the counter pill. If there is other causes of insomnia like alcohol use, sleep apnea etc., then finding them and addressing them will help. Talk to your doctor about taking Rozeram (8 mg) at night or Trazadone (50 mg) at night. Slowly cut down from Zolfresh by dropping 5 mg each night to avoid withdrawal.


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