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What are the side effects of Glucosamine and Hytrin?

Q: I am 33 years old. I weigh 60 kg and have been suffering from knee pain and chronic prostatitis (non-bacterial). I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon, who diagnosed retro patellar click + mal-tracking of patella. He further observed that my patella is very small. He advised Move Free tablets (Chondroitin + Glucosamine + Hyaluronic acid) apart from VMO exercises. For chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, I consulted a urologist who suggested Hytrin tablets + Prostocan (Serenoa Tepens i.e., sawplametto berry extract). Though I am doing VMO exercises + static cycling apart from Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic acid tablets, I have no releif. Please suggest a specific exercise and diet for it? I have been taking these tablets for over 2 years. I have recently got married and planning for a child. Will there be any complications in having a child? Now I am using Celadrin tablets consisting Omega-3 fatty acids + Myristoleic acid on the advise of my family doctor. Can I continue them?

A:Unless a firm and correct diagnosis is made, medicines are likely to do more harm than good. Both glucosamine and chondroitin are not recognised as effective medicines by advanced drug regulatory authorities such as US, UK etc. They are basically supplements that have not been tested by regulators; hence manufacturers claims have not been officially verified. Glucosamine does not give relief in bone pain as per a clinical trial reported in the American Journal of Medicine. Patients on glucosamine did no better on several parameters: pain, stiffness, function, overall satisfaction and pain-killers use. The Danish Governments Medicine Agency has alerted all regulatory authorities about Glucosamine’s potential risk of developing (i) high cholesterol levels, (ii) vision disorders, (iii) peripheral oedema, (iv) pulmonary embolism, (v) seizures, (vi) myocardial infarction, (vii) increased liver enzymes and (viii) increased serum creatinine levels. Hytrin is the brand name of a medicine called terazosin. It is basically used in high blood pressure though it has been found useful in reducing obstruction to urinary flow due to enlarged prostate. At your age you are most unlikely to have enlarged prostate. You have not mentioned if you are suffering from urinary obstruction such as dribbling, taking too long to pass urine, waking up at night several times to pass urine etc. You have not given reasons for taking omega 3 fatty acid. It is indicated in patients whose triglycerides are high, that too as second line therapy. A person of your age should not be consuming medicines without firm diagnosis and proven reasons for taking them.


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